MATERYA KTM Super Duke 1290R Dashboard Cover Screen 2020+

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MATERYA KTM Super Duke 1290R Dashboard Cover Screen 2020+


Unique design, provides a more aesthetic appearance to your KTM Super Duke 1290R, a dashboard cover that will integrate perfectly to the design of your KTM, leaving the USB functions unchanged.

Material Plastic – Black Matte Finish

Project Idea

The instrumentation on the new model of KTM Super Duke 1290R is much wider and more articulated than the previous version, also it has a USB socket on the left side facing the gear. The goal is as always to integrate this element as much as possible with the rest of the bike.


Sketch Idea

The central cut of the cover, like any work done on a KTM basis, has a central cut that goes to dialogue with the style of the front headlight assembly. A small spoiler has also been added to slightly raise the air flow that hits the pilot.

3D Modelling

The geometry is symmetrical in style, but has an asymmetry in the lower area, in fact on the left side of the driver’s side it has a profile that adapts to the USB socket, thus preserving its use. A cut was also applied to the spoiler, creating a dialogue with the front slot leaving a slight perception of continuity of the lines.


The idea is to create a brand that will answer a specific requests with a very big attention to detail and refinement, with MATERYA you will find a specific product for each motorcycle designed with also new technology such us 3d printing process to create great looking products for your motorcycle.


MATERYA KTM SuperDuke 1290R Dashboard Cover Screen 2017-19