Ducabike Ducati Slipper Clutch 6 Springs Racing Edition

£399.17 Ex. VAT


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Ducabike Ducati Slipper Clutch 6 Springs Special Edition

Ducabike’s slipper clutch comes complete with anodised pressure plate powder coated springs, anodised spring caps & 6 stainless steel screws. Clutch plates sold separately! 

Fits: All Ducati’s with a dry clutch

Quality characteristics of Ducabike’s slipper clutch:

It was originally developed for racing but more and more customers didn’t want to miss out on it’s considerable advantages on the road. Ducabike’s slipper clutch prevents rear wheel lock up and  during fast down-shifts especially entering corners!

The anti-hopping clutch gives you optimum safety that you can rely on. To show it’s brilliant optical appearance and to improve cooling, this clutch should be used with an open clutch cover. The clutch will be delivered complete with installation instructions. All clutch plates can be used (organic, aluminium, sinter-metal and carbon-fibre).

All parts of the clutch are manufactured by Ducabike with the ‘made in Italy’ quality you expect, made from Ergal to reduce weight. The clutch operates via balls which run on an inclined plane in an optimised circular track (helix). This is the only possibility to ensure a smooth and jerk-free clutch operation even under hardest operating conditions.

The new ventilation through the pressure plate prevents any overheating of the central spring and insures a constant reliable operation even under the hardest operating conditions. We use only certified materials of the very highest quality. The coating is provided by a renowned company with first class reputation in the racing world. (Quality assurance system according to DIN ISO EN 9000). A part-list is included, all parts of the clutch can be re-ordered.


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Ducabike Ducati Slipper Clutch 6 Springs Special Edition