MATERYA KTM Super Duke 990 Dashboard Cover Screen 2024+

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MATERYA KTM Super Duke 990 Dashboard Cover Screen 2024+


The MATERYA dashboard cover screens feature a unique and stylish design. They add an aesthetic touch to your KTM Super Duke 990 2024+ and serve as a protective shield for your valuable dash, guarding it against debris and insects.

Crafted from durable plastic with a sleek black matte finish, these covers are designed with the wide and asymmetrical instrumentation of your motorcycle in mind.

The primary objective is to create a cover that effectively safeguards the dashboard from debris kicked up by the preceding vehicle’s wheels and prevents dirt from accumulating within the instrument’s recesses.


Sketch Idea

The main limitation is not to create further dimensional imbalances between the optical unit and the instrumentation. Therefore, the goal has been to harmonize the shapes while remaining very close to the existing geometries.


3D Modelling

The distinctive element, the central cut, prevails over the design, and we are going to look for correspondence in the upper part of the optical group. A small flap has also been added on the upper end of the piece, to slightly move the airflow upwards.


The idea is to create a brand that will answer specific requests with very big attention to detail and refinement; with MATERYA, you will find a specific product for each motorcycle designed with also new technology, such as a 3d printing process, to create great-looking products for your motorcycle.


MATERYA KTM SuperDuke 1290R Dashboard Cover Screen 2017-19