Fullsix Nano Treat Carbon Protection


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Fullsix Nano Treat Carbon Protection

  • Please note, this item is NOT for sale outside the UK due to it being a liquid

Through many years of developing and researching for a clean and superb surface with use of NANO technology and in collaboration with the highly known Jozef Stefan institute, we are now proud to introduce you the all new FULLSIX CARBON NANO TREAT! The special NANO ingredient forms a thin protective layer.

Carbon parts of motorbikes are heavily exposed to extreme weather conditions such as wind, sunlight and rain. Pesky bugs, stuck all over your ride are also a very comon problem, as they can cause irreversable damage to your vehicle’s delicate finish. Needless to say it is important to properly remove them and protect your motorbike. Using conventional cleaners can be risky, since their performance is normally too weak which leaves you scrubbing the surface trying to remove dirt mechanically and possibly damaging it in the process.



NanoTreat Carbon is a fast acting cleaner that is safe and easy to use – Just spray on and wipe off.

NanoTreat Carbon is perfect for bikers always on the road, as no water is required in the process.

NanoTreat Carbon is specially designed to clean carbon parts and other washable surfaces. It actively removes insects, road grime and other types of heavy dirt, leaving a protective barrier to make future cleaning easier.Fullsix Nano Treat Carbon Protection