Ducati 15T Front Sprocket 525 Road Pitch

£20.83 Ex. VAT

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Ducati 15T Front Sprocket 525 Road Pitch


For many years, we’ve been offering the lightest quick-change sprocket kits in the world. Recently, we decided to complete the package by adding replacement front sprockets.

Made from chrome moly steel for strength and durability.

525 Road Pitch 15 Teeth


If you’re unsure which one to get, check your OEM sprocket; it will state 525 (Road) or 520 (Race).

The 525 chain is the same as many OEM road sprockets; if you already have this, it is unnecessary unless you want to upgrade to the 520 race conversion.

The 520 sprocket is an upgrade from the 525. The 520 is used more for racing and is lighter than the 525. If upgrading to a 520, you must change your front and rear sprockets (sold separately).

Ducati Front Sprocket 520 Race / 525 Road Pitch