Ducabike Ducati CNC Dry Clutch Cover CC05

£82.50 Ex. VAT


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Ducabike Ducati CNC Dry Clutch Cover CC05


Show off that lovey open dry clutch with Ducabike’s range of stunning billet aluminium with carbon fibre open clutch covers, specifically designed for your Ducati motorcycle.


Fits: All Ducati dry clutch models


DUCABIKE is a synonym of passion for motorbike and in a special way for Ducati® bikes. Bikes can be rich and precious designed by the owner based on own taste and requirements.

DUCABIKE born with this target, created the best in the market products to make your Ducati® your own.

DUCABIKE designs, develops, manufactures and markets its products, based on experience in all the years on road and in racing to do every effort to give the maximum reliable and guarantee on products, find the design and the best performance, utilise support of our prepared technicians and the best test pilot, employing the best materials and the innovative technology in the motorbike world, this offer products always at the top.

  Ducabike Ducati CNC Dry Clutch Cover CC05