DBK Ducati Diavel V4 Carbon Fibre OEM Exhaust Guard RHS – Matte

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DBK Ducati Diavel V4 Carbon Fibre OEM Exhaust Guard RHS – Matte


If you want to enhance the appearance of your Ducati Diavel V4, consider getting this high-quality OEM exhaust guard RHS made of matte-finish carbon fibre.

Crafted with precision using the autoclave production method to ensure their durability and superior quality—a perfect replacement for the boring, OEM versions.

It’s designed to fit seamlessly onto your Ducati Diavel V4, and its carbon weave pattern perfectly matches Ducati Performance carbon. Moreover, it is made from 100% 200-gram plain weave carbon fibre, which makes it lightweight and strong.


Fits Ducati Diavel V4 (All years & variations)



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