DBK BMW R1300GS Radiator Protection Guards

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DBK BMW R1300GS Radiator Protection Guards


The DBK BMW R1300GS, radiator protection guards, are designed to shield the radiator from potential damage caused by debris, stones, or other objects encountered during regular riding.

A key feature of this product is its ability to safeguard the radiator from external harm while still permitting the passage of airflow through its openings. This is crucial for ensuring the radiator’s continued effectiveness in cooling the liquid vital to the vehicle’s cooling system.

The grille openings are meticulously designed to facilitate adequate airflow through the radiator, effectively preventing engine overheating. This delicate balance between protection and ventilation is essential for maintaining the proper functionality of the vehicle’s cooling system. In summary, this protective grille is engineered to guard the water cooler against external damage without compromising its cooling capacity by allowing unobstructed airflow through its openings.

All necessary assembly hardware is provided with the product.

Available in several lustful hard anodised colours.


Fits BMW R1300GS 2024+


DBK BMW R1300GS Radiator Protection Guards



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