Bagoros Performance KTM 48T 520 Sprocket (Race)

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Bagoros Performance KTM 48T 520 Sprocket (Race)



This eye-catching, light-as-a-feather little helper will make your bike run as slick as a whistle. Get ready for a smooth take-off and that extra boost, when you need it, without compromising end speed.

The sprocket is CNC machined out of high-quality aluminium, is lightweight and comes with a recognizable engraved design in striking anodised black.



Maximized and smoother acceleration THROUGH ALL 6 GEARS

Minimal impact on top speed

Overall smoother bike performance

800g weight difference

Design that yields maximum output for a motorcycle while significantly reducing its overall weight for top performance and achieving the lowest unsprung weight.



Size 48 teeth 520 matches with 114 link chain!

Can be matched with the 120-link chain – which has to be shortened to fit.



About Bagoros Performance

Bagoros Performance was created out of a passion for everything »motorbike« and knowledge of the sport and lifestyle of stunt riding.

They specialize in the production of protective and style products for motorcycles from the highest quality and lightweight materials in the moto industry and setting trends, widely accepted and recognized by true bike enthusiasts.

Our vision is to become synonymous with the highest level of technology, improved protection and the appearance of motorcycles with a unique, fresh design that is recognized worldwide.

Bagoros Performance unites passionate motorcyclists whose lifestyle is synonymous with endless hours, spent wrenching their bikes, seeing the asphalt as a never-ending playground and the road as a way to live their dreams.

Bagoros Performance swears on excellent design, quality and protection.

The R&D department works closely with the official KTM factory rider Rok Bagoros, who shares his knowledge and experience of the street- and stunt-riding with the developers, resulting in motorcycle accessories and parts that truly understand the needs of the driver that are tested in extreme conditions.



Bagoros Performance KTM 48T 520 Sprocket (Race)