AEM Factory MV Agusta Sprocket Carrier

£140.83 Ex. VAT

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AEM Factory MV Agusta Sprocket Carrier


AEM Factory’s billet CNC parts for the MV Agusta 675/800 range (see compatible bikes below) are designed and made in Italy with quality and passion, worthy for your MV Agusta.

Quick change sprocket carrier is created for a faster sprocket or chain change but also an amazing looking and lightweight upgrade compared to OEM.

The kit includes one sprocket carrier hard anodized in a range of different lustful colours 6 titanium studs and 6 colour matched anodized M8 nuts.

 A perfect addition to your MV Agusta and finishing the look as it should have left the factory.

Made from special billet alloy & CNC machined to create a jewel-like component.

The stunning quality of AEM Factory is only what you’d expect for your MV Agusta.


**Sprocket flanges/flange nuts/cush drive rubbers/AEM Factory sprockets all sold separately for you to create your own unique colour combination like the one below**


Fits MV Agusta models:

Brutale 800 18-19

Brutale 800RC 18-20

Brutale 800 Rosso 20+

Brutale 800RR 18+

Bruatal Serie Oro 1000

Brutale 1000RR


Dragster 800RC 17-20

Dragster 800 Rosso 20+

Dragster 800RR 18+


F3 675 18+

F3 675 RC 17+

F3 800 18+

F3 800 RC 17+


Rush 1000


Superveloce 800 20+

Superveloce 800 Serie Oro

Superveloce 800S 21+


Turismo Veloce 800 18+

Turismo Veloce 800 Rosso 20+

Turismo Veloce 800 RC 17+

The image below compromises of:

1x Quick change sprocket

1x Silver sprocket carrier (this advert)

1x Set of red titanium dumper rubber cush drives x5

1x Red “Spin” sprocket flange

1x Titanium sprocket nut

AEM Factory MV Agusta Sprocket Carrier Kit


AEM Factory is an Italian company based in Milan, they focus on bringing high-quality CNC parts for your motorcycle with a unique design and features.  Made with great attention to detail to achieve the best functionality and weight loss on every part, and of course Italian design.AEM Factory Ducati Sprocket Carrier