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Fullsix Ducati 848 1098 1198 Carbon Fibre Fuel Tank

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Fullsix Ducati 848 1098 1198 Carbon Fibre Fuel Tank, 

CDT Group has created what was once thought impossible: a one piece hollow shape. Our first product, the FullSix one-piece carbon fibre fuel tank, is a technological marvel which blends groundbreaking design with flawless manufacturing.


Using our proprietary Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology, CDT Group can produce components that are up to 60% lighter than their OEM counterparts.

Our multi-layered monocoque structures are designed for maximum structural integrity and visual appeal.  To achieve this, we begin with an abrasive resistance hybrid shell which is made out of carbon kevlar (referred to as the monocoque structure).  We apply a second layer of composites as a support layer, reinforcing key exposed areas, before applying a final decorative layer of carbon fiber.

The creation of the part through the layering of pre-pregnated carbon fiber is performed in a specially designed, temperature controlled room.  Upon completion of the lay-up process, it is then transferred to an autoclave where the combination of intense heat and pressure transforms the part into a rigid, durable yet lightweight structure.


No modifications are required to install a FullSix fuel tank.  Vent and overfill tubes are installed, just as one would find on an OEM tank.  The OEM fuel cap and OEM fuel pump may be installed with no adjustments needed.

Quality Testing 

Each FullSix undergoes internal testing for impact during which the tank is subjected to impact by a 15kg weight.  To demonstrate our commitment to quality, CDT Group is currently in the process of obtaining TUV certification.

  • Each part has a UV resistant finish that may be 120 to 150 microns thick.  Prior to the application of the exterior finish, each surface is carefully cleaned and sanded for optimal grip.
  • Each fuel tank receives internal coatings which are gasoline and ethanol resistant so that all surfaces that make contact with fuel are not affected chemically.
  • Brass inserts are pre-laminated to prevent micro-corrosion.  The geometry of each insert is studied to prevent the inserts from rotating or coming apart when under high stress.
  • Internal tubing is the same multi-layered tubing used by OEM manufacturers.  They are resistant to gasoline and are specifically designed to fit each fuel tank.
  • To form a complete seal, a special insert is used between each piece of tubing and brass insert.  For each seal, there are two viton O-rings and a locking mechanism, as used in the OEM automotive industry).

Fullsix Ducati 848 1098 1198 Carbon Fibre Fuel Tank